T’is the Season…To Be a Soroptimist

Thanks to Cathy Standiford, a long-time Soroptimist, and our Dream It, Be It Chair, I was introduced to Jennifer Louden, a personal growth pioneer and author.

Being a part of Jennifer’s community, I receive some amazing emails from her that inspire and energize me.

As Soroptimists and volunteers in a global non profit that empowers women and girls,  we sometimes feel we are not doing enough…not giving enough…right?

What I received from Jennifer this week gave me pause to ponder on the season and the year to come.

For me, Jennifer’s checklist is about “enoughness” and can assist all of us in staying grounded…not just in this holiday season but throughout the year.

She says, “Check every item that applies.

__ Breathe.

__ Name five things you dig about this time of year. David Sedaris’ “Santaland Diaries” anybody?

__ Reach out to someone who might need a pick-me-up. A postcard or a text is perfect.

__ Assume good intentions of those around you.

__ Listen to music if the voices of gloom boom.

__ Allow your feelings and thoughts to be seen and greeted like an amazing display of Colorado clouds passing across the sky of your heart and mind.

__ Take one thing off your list that you have no desire to do.

__ Do only what you want for one hour. Following your desires is the best kind of self-care.

__ Give the people on your holiday list a personalized donation. Give chickens to your niece through Heifer International, glasses for an American Indian, keep a child from going blind through my friend Howard’s wonderful organization Vitamin Angels. or give to 350.org to fight the climate crisis (or my personal favorite place to find gifts that give, greatergood.com.)

__ Remind yourself that satisfaction and enoughness resides in what you declare is enough; not out there in the ever-expanding hustle and never-ending demands of others.

__ Put your hand on your heart and tell yourself, “I’m doing the best I know how to do right now.

May your holidays be full of the knowledge you are always enough.”

Thank you, Jennifer, for allowing me to share this with my Soroptimist community…and thank you to all of the Soroptimists and the women I have met because I am a Soroptimist who have let me share their lives.





I am blessed because all of you are in my life!




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