My gratitude cup overfloweth…

There is so much sadness and strife in this world.  Sometimes it is difficult to find reasons to feel grateful for what we have.  So, I decided to write down 31 things that I am grateful for because, there are 31 days in October.  And, if you are reading this blog and are so inclined, please send me what you are grateful for (, and I will publish it this month.  So…here goes…
1.  I am grateful for my health
2. I am grateful for my wonderful and supportive husband, Hal, who puts up with everything I do
3. I am grateful for our 22 month old Belgian Sheepdog, Spirit, although she can be a little pain in the butt sometimes
4.  I am grateful for my friends, near and far…old and new…well, not all old from a chronological perspective but from the length of time we’ve been friends
5.  I am grateful for all the Soroptimists all over the world who are improving the lives of women & girls
6. I am grateful for the amazing women our club has helped who have become my friends – I admire their strength and determination to better their lives and the lives of their children
7. I am grateful that they allow me to be a part of their lives
8. I am grateful for my “soul” daughter, Megan, and for Brooklynn, who considers me one of her “grammies”
9. I am grateful that I can still ride a bike
10. I am grateful for my inquisitive mind and that I never want to stop learning and growing
11. I am grateful for my creativity and my intelligence
12. I am grateful for the sun…and the sunny skies
13. I am grateful for the moon and stars – they never fail to amaze me
14. I am grateful for the food I get to eat
15. I am grateful for a good glass of red wine
16. I am grateful for dinner with friends
17. I am grateful for the ocean which I am lucky enough to live close to
18. I am grateful for all of my Facebook friends, especially all of the Soroptimists who are all over the world
19. I am grateful for our “energizer bunny” president, Marcelle
20. I am grateful for Mary Chiappetta who heads up our Human Trafficking Committee
21. I am grateful for Leslie Miller who is VP of Services
22. I am grateful for Rachel Alm, one of our youngest members, who is our Vice President and in line to become our President next year
23. I am grateful for Bert Beck who has a marvelous sense of humor and who stepped up to be our recording secretary
24. I am grateful for Julaine Waggoner for her passion in helping to make our club successful in fulfilling our mission of empowering women & girls
25. I am grateful for Cathy Standiford for everything she does from her heart and for heading up our Dream It, Be It team
26. I am grateful for Christine Soresi and Sylvia Harsin because, I would never want to be treasurer
27. I am grateful for Freda Matsuda who was the president of our club when I joined in 2005
28. I am grateful for all of the friends I have in my life because I am a Soroptimist
29.  I am grateful for everyone who stepped up to be a board member or who stepped up to chair a committee or who stepped up to be on a committee so our club could continue to grow, prosper and fulfill our mission of improving the lives of women & girls
30. I am grateful to be the co-chair of the Orange County Plus Live Your Dream Collaborative along with my friend, Diana Orlando
31. And last BUT certainly not least…I am super grateful for Leslie’s brother, Eric Dills, who, without his help, we would not have this updated, cool, responsive website!  Thank you Eric!!

Hugs to all,










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  1. Terry – and we are amazingly grateful for all that you do for Soroptimist and all of the women and children who’s lives you have touched. There is no one out there with a bigger heart!

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