March is a Surprising Month!

Growing up in the Midwest, I never knew what March would bring….warm spring weather with flowers blooming or cold freezing winds and one last snowstorm but, here is southern California, we don’t have to worry about snowstorms!  That doesn’t mean that March is a month that slips by without any memories.  So….what are my memories of this month now that it is almost over?

Several of us attended SI President Yvonne’s event at the Rose Center in Westminster.  It was an amazing and magical evening.

marilee, governor-elect laurel, terry, president yvonne, governor susan, dawn marie
marilee, governor-elect laurel, terry, president yvonne, governor susan, dawn marie

We had our second Savers Drive and raised $99.40.  We would have topped $100 if I would have remembered a vase donated by Anne Gillespie which was hiding behind the front seat of my car.

Leslie, David & Terry receive BIG check!
Leslie, David & Terry receive BIG check!

Thank you to the following who contributed “stuff”: Gerry De Boer, Georgette Sleeth, Vanessa Kezios, Fred & Carol Speaker, Anne Gillespie, Linda Cahill & Leslie & David Miller.  A special thanks to David Miller who, without his big pickup truck, I would have been making a lot of trips to Savers!

Rae Davis, one of our 2017 Live Your Dream Honorees & student at Vanguard University, is on their Women’s Basketball team, and they made it to the Final 4 (technically ended up #3) in the 2017 NAIA Division 1.  They were eliminated in the semi-finals.  You can congratulate Rae at our Style Show on April 23rd.

Jessica Fey, former Live Your Dream honoree, Dolly Wakeham mom & attendee at our jessicas restaurant 032017Day of Self-Esteem: planned and executed a super successful “restaurant” for one of her classes.  It was called A Taste of Persia.  She did everything from planning & creating the full menu highlighting the courses we would be tasting that day, finding the healthy recipes (everything was gluten free) and communicating with the culinary students, planning and securing the décor and greeting guests and informing them of what their dining experience was going to be.  Jessica will be graduating with her Bachelor’s degree from Cal State Long Beach  in May.  Like Rae, you can say hi to Jessica at our Style Show on April 23rd.

Jessica's Menu - the food we sampled was highlighted in each section.
Jessica’s Menu – the food we sampled was highlighted in each section.

Megan Lattimer,  former Live Your Dream honoree, current Dolly Wakeham mom and culinary arts student at Orange Coast College, was invited by one of her teachers to help prepare food at the Power Rangers Premiere which was held in Westwood on March 22nd. Megan arrived early and was not sure how to get in so, she walked the Red Carpet (before the stars, like Brian Cranston, got there).  Megan did such a good job that the Chef catering the event asked her if she would like to work future movie premiers.  Of course, she said yes.  Megan will be one of our special models at our Style Show on April 23rd.

Janet Slinkard, attendee at our Day of Self-Esteem, single mom, student and graphic artist: created the fantastic flyer for our Style Show on April 23rd and will be one of our models that day, as well.

Ingrid Serna, current Live Your Dream honoree and attendee at our Day of Self-Esteem, will graduate with her Bachelor’s from Cal State Long Beach in May.  Ingrid will not be able to join us at our Style Show as she is volunteering at another event that day.

Several members of our club, Alisa Armstrong, Marcelle Capps, Nouha Hreish & yours truly, attended Newport Area Harbor’s LunaFest along with approximately 100 other women and one man, Governor Susan’s husband, Lyon.  He didn’t know he was going to be the only man until he got there.  LunaFest features short films by women and about women.

Our club truly believes in service so at our Program Meeting on March 23rd, we put together “shoe boxes” full of items like lotion, soap, shampoo, etc. for the teenage girls at the Huntington Beach Youth Shelter plus, we made cards for each of them.  A special thanks to Georgette Sleeth and Jennifer Klein for providing us with so many fun and inspirational tools, including a die cutter,  to help us make our one-of-a-kind cards extra special.
creating cards for girls at youth shelter 032017And, I couldn’t let this month slip by without a very special announcement.  Our wonderful treasurer, Linda Lyons, got engaged to her boyfriend of over a year, Kurt. Linda’s engagement will be one she will never forget.  She and Kurt were out in Indian Wells attending a tennis match.  According to Linda, Kurt was not acting like his usual “laid back” self….and then she found out why….The Jumbotron flashed a message: “Linda, will you marry me?” and then the Jumbotron focused on Linda.  You can see her beautiful ring, which Kurt picked out all by himself, on the ring finger of her left hand.  CONGRATULATIONS LINDA!

As we slip out of March and into April, I just want to wish our Corresponding Secretary, Kimberly Kent, a very, very happy milestone birthday on April 1st!

And speaking of April…did you know that on April 1st…
~ 1792 Gronings feminist, Etta Palm, demanded the women’s right to divorce.
~ 1916 1st US national women’s swimming championships held
~ 1930 The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich in her breakthrough role, premiered in Germany
~ 1931 Jackie Mitchell became the 1st female in professional baseball
~ 1941 Lillian Hellman’s “Watch on the Rhine” premieres in NYC
~ 1984 3rd NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship: USC beats Tennessee 72-61
~ 1990 9th NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship: Stanford beats Auburn 88-81
~ 2001 20th NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship: Notre Dame beats Purdue 68-66

I hope to see you at our Style Show on April 23rd!

Yours in service,




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