A Native Californian Who Loves Cooking and Horses….Spotlight on Vera Austin

vera austin

It took Vera Austin 27 years from when she first heard about Soroptimist until she joined in June, 2017.

When asked what made her decide to become a Soroptimist, Vera said, “It is time to give back”, and that she is “proud to be part of such a professional organization.”

So…who is Vera…and how does she fill her days?

Vera is a Sr. Benefits Analyst for Bowermaster and Associates for the last 34 years.  she specializes in self-insured medical plans for employer-sponsored groups. But, Vera’s involvement with the insurance world didn’t begin with Bowermaster.  The following was taken from Vera’s profile on Bowermaster’s website.

“Vera has been involved in the insurance business for more than 40 years and in 1972, she started her own insurance agency. There she met friends who looked to her for answers for how to best protect themselves – answers that, as time went on, helped her gain more and more expertise. Vera sold her insurance business to Bill Bowermaster in 1983, someone with whom she found a shared vision of how best to provide this vital service. She has been very happy with that decision – and so are her friends.”

While Vera doesn’t claim to have any hobbies, she says she is a representative for SEARET, a wellness company.  To learn more about SEARET, you will need to ask Vera!

Since Vera is a brand new member, she hasn’t held any Board positions yet but, who knows what the future holds???  She says the last year has found her “close to home” but does that mean that travel is not in the foreseeable future??  And…is there a significance to her email…antiquevera?

Please take the time to get to know Vera and welcome her into our club!

Thank you for joining us, Vera!  Looking forward to learning more about SEARET, your love of cooking and horses!


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