Counting My Blessings

Counting my blessings is something I do on a daily basis…I even own a “blessings” bracelet.  And, it seemed to me, at this “giving” time of year to share some thoughts and blessings with you.

But…before I begin, I want to take a few moments to thank some special people and companies whose generous giving to our club is enabling us to support more women and girls through our “dream” programs, our Dolly Wakeham, “adopted mom” program, our Day of Empowerment and more.

In no particular order…thank you:
Weikko Wirta & AES Huntington Beach
Alisa Armstrong & Big Bear Cool Cabins
Diana Perna & PK Real Estate
Jennifer Klein
Mary Sue Bowden
Walmart Huntington Beach
The Shenkman’s
The Huntington Beach Assistance League
Matt Liffreing Marketworks
Dan Ciscel & Jersey Mike’s
Christine Soresi
Cathy Standiford
Heather Menchine
and all of the other members of SI Huntington Beach, not mentioned above,  who devote time, energy and funds to make a difference in the lives of women and girls!

Our donation to Project Self Sufficiency’s Christmas Party 2018 – 6 Giraffe Big Wheels

And so…my blessings…again, in no particular order:
My health
My husband who supports me in everything I do
My friends…both near and far
My Soroptimist club whose generosity in all ways at all times never ceases to amaze me
My “fur baby”, Spirit, who constantly lives up to her name
All of the women who have come into my life because, I am a Soroptimist
All of the women we have served and their successes
Being able to laugh…even at myself
Our club’s belief in the Soroptimist Dream Programs: Live Your Dream & Dream It,
Be It and our knowing that our investment in these programs does make a difference in the lives we touch
I know I could go on and on with my list but will finish with what’s in my heart: I may not be a wealthy woman but, I am rich in blessings!

So, as we get ready to ring in a new year, instead of asking you what your resolutions are, I will leave you with this:




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