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carol speaker

I don’t know if it is because we are both Sagittarians or what but, I do know, when I need someone to go to for advice or an objective opinion; I go to Carol Speaker.

Carol Speaker joined Soroptimist over 20 years ago, February 1995, because friends who were members asked her to join but, Carol is not a native southern Californian.

Her story begins in North Dakota where she was born and raised.  She attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and taught school for a few years.  In fact…that is how she met Fred, her husband of almost 50 years!  She met Fred while teaching at the Grand Forks Air Force Base.  No…he wasn’t one of her students!  Carol

Carol’s roommates talked her into going to the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) club on Sunday night and as Carol puts it, “there he was”.  Fred had just returned from a tour in Vietnam and was just a few months away from being charged from the Air Force.  Fred asked Carol to dance…and “the rest is history.”

After Fred’s discharge, he moved to Chicago (my kind of townJ) and at the end of the school year, Carol joined him and found a teaching job.  They were married in December, 1966.  (Did you know that Carol’s birthday is also in December?)  Fred and Carol continued to live in Chicago for a year and then moved to Minneapolis.  In 1969, Fred’s job moved them to California.  Both of their daughters, Stacie, who has her own Business Relationship Coaching Practice after working in the toy industry for years, and Shannon, a member of the Director’s Guild who has worked on movies and TV shows (most recently, Bones, Veep and Rosewood) as an Assistant Director and who, if I remember correctly has recently become a travel consultant.

Carol and Fred own and operate S&S Auto Brokers.  Per Carol, “he does the cars, I do the books.”

And for fun, Carol loves to sing (if you haven’t heard her sing, you are really missing something.  Her voice is beautiful!) and read….and travel with their friends once a year to Cabo for a little R&R plus other destinations.

Before joining SI Huntington Beach, Carol was a member of the Huntington Beach Junior Women’s Club for 10 years where she made some lasting friendships while serving the community.  And….Carol was an active member of the Huntington Beach Duck-A-thon.  In fact, when I joined SI HB in 2015, I had to join two committees and one of the ones I joined was the Duck-A-Thon Committee, which was the brainchild of none other than, Donna Cross.  When I joined, Carol was the chair – a position she held for many, many years.

Carol is an active participant in our club, having held the board positions of President, President-Elect, Treasurer (three times), VP Membership, Director and Parliamentarian.

Service and Friendship is what Soroptimist means to Carol.  Again, in her own words, “Last year was my 20th as a member of SI HB – time flies when you’re having fun, and it most certainly has been fun.  So many dear friends made, so many impressive women to associate with, and so much great work accomplished by all of us for our community and beyond!  The group is going strong, and with the many new members in the last few years has become more vital and creative than ever.  It is an honor to count myself a member.”

And…Carol Speaker…it is an honor and a blessing to know you and have you as a Soropti-sister!

three amazing ladies-donna cross, carol speaker, pat davis

three amazing ladies-donna cross, carol speaker, pat davis

phyllis and carol demonstrate soropti-teamwork

phyllis and carol demonstrate soropti-teamwork

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