It All Began With A Meetup…Focus on Leslie Miller


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In order to promote Soroptimist in Huntington Beach and hopefully attract more women to either join us or support us, I decided to create a Meetup for our club.  I had no idea or expectations of what would happen but, we struck gold when Leslie Miller found us!

Leslie joined our Meetup and then came to a meeting in September, 2016.  In October, she joined our club.

When I asked Leslie what made her decide to become a Soroptimist, here is what she said, “I have been seeking a volunteer organization that was in line with my own interests – specifically organizations that support women and children.  And importantly, I am looking for new avenues to meet new people!  I was so excited when I read about SI and all the great programs you work with.  and my first meeting made a great impression – a very lively bunch indeed!” (No one will ever accuse us of being any less than “lively”.)

For Leslie, her membership “means supporting causes, developing friendships and helping the community in an impactful way.”

Although Leslie is employed full time, she is fortunate to be able to work from home.  In her role as the Director of Administration & Operations for Beaker Inc., an executive search and management consulting firm focused on the life science industry, she supports the administrative side of the entire company – from HR to operations to project management and more.  As a charter member of the company since its launch in 2008, she has actually worked for the CEO for 17 years (12 virtually, as he is based in North Carolina).

Work and raising kids has kept Leslie busy for several years but she has still managed to be a Girl Scout Troop Leader (for her daughter’s troop) and has periodically supported other non profits, like the Project Self-Sufficient Adopt-A-Family at Christmas.

Leslie says she is “devoted to her family and dog, Rocko, (who we hope will join us at our Dog Walk to Make a Difference this coming June) but when she does find herself with spare time, she enjoys walking, reading, water fitness classes, bicycling on the beach, travel, enjoying wine (we like that) with friends and laughing!”

Speaking of travel, she and her husband, David (they’ve been married since 1994) took their family to Maui, and she is planning her first vacation to Europe (on a River Cruise) this spring with her well-traveled mother.

And speaking of David, they met through friends.  Leslie says, “he was always the third wheel” but, he must have been the best “wheel” for her.  He is funny and smart!  Daily laughter and “I Love You’s” are a must in their household.

Leslie is also the proud mother of two: Her son, Jared (19) graduated in 2016 from Marina High School with honors.  He is attending Goldenwest College and deciding which direction he wants to go.  His passions are music production, photography and psychology.  Her daughter, Jordan (age 14) is a freshman at Marina High School and is a member of the Field Hockey team and several clubs as well as taking advanced coursework.  (Need to find out if there is a story or reason behind the fact that both of their kids have names beginning with the letter “J”.)

I am honored and proud to be Leslie’s SI Huntington Beach mentor and hope our friendship and the friendships she will make as a member of our club will continue to grow for years and years and will include many joys, adventures, laughs and glasses of wine!



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