Celebrating Our Love For Phyllis


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Phyllis Nichols is beginning a new chapter in her life….in another state….Florida…far far away from all of her friends in California.

For months, I have been telling Phyllis that I wanted to go to dinner with her before she left but, my busy schedule had kept me from making a date until earlier this month.

We set a date, July 28, to meet for dinner.  I planned to invite others to surprise her but, when we had our Board/Budget meeting, Cindy brought up that Don MacAllister had offered his home for a going away party.  I said, “Wait…I invited Phyllis to dinner, and wouldn’t it be cool if when she walked in, many of us would be there to surprise her?  So, the surprise “we love you and we will miss you” dinner was born.

Along with current members of our club, Ellie, Donna, Carol, Pat, Kimberly, Maureen, Freda, Cindy, Georgette, Heather, Eva, Michele, Cathy and Mary Sue Bowden, former members and club supporters, Lorraine & Peggy, joined us.  To make it even sweeter, four members of Phyllis’ Bunco group, Cassie, Cheryl, Suzanne & Kathy, also joined us.

The guests begin arriving

The guests begin arriving

Other club members, Kathy, Sue, Rachel, Linda G and Linda L and Laura sent their hugs electronically.

Everyone brought cards.  Cheryl, from Phyllis’ Bunco group, presented Phyllis with a special present, a photo album with pictures from many of their “themed” Bunco parties.

Bunco pal, Cheryl, gives Phyllis a trip down Bunco memory lane

Bunco pal, Cheryl, gives Phyllis a trip down Bunco memory lane

And we presented Phyllis with a photo collage (the picture is not the finished product but, you get the idea  😉 ).

a work in progress

a work in progress

To say Phyllis was surprised would be an understatement.  To say we will all miss her dearly would also be a gross understatement.

And so, I end this blog with a poem just for you, Phyllis.


Your raspy voice
Gave us no choice
But to notice you

Your caring way
On everyday day
A heart so true

Pease keep in touch
We love you much
And don’t be blue

I know I speak for all who know you, Phyllis, that you hold a very special place in my heart!

We love you!

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